The institution believes that every human being has the potential to do remarkable things. However, organisations often fail to tap human potential due to their preoccupation with short-term results. The HRD movement was started with a purpose to help the organisations and the individuals optimise human resources.

In the organisational context, we facilitate the employees:

  1. To acquire capabilities required to perform various tasks associated with their present or future roles;
  2. To develop their general capabilities as individuals so that they are able to discover and utilise their inner potential for personal and organisational growth;
  3. To develop an organisational culture where superior and subordinate relationship and teamwork and collaboration among different sub units contribute to organisational health and individual well - being.

In the national context, NHRD helps people to acquire new competencies continuously and make them more self-reliant. It also helps develop self-esteem and a sense of pride in their country. The qualities of self-reliance, self-esteem and sense of pride are developed through a variety of interventions at national regional and organisational levels.