Key Objectives

  • To augment knowledge and skills relevant to HRD, its philosophy, processes and implementation, through exploration and experimentation.
  • To generate, acquire and continuously develop new knowledge and skills related to HRD through research and development.
  • To build a rigorous, scientific storehouse of knowledge and skills for HRD. To disseminate HRD knowledge and skills among HRD professionals and practitioners, and share information and experiences relating to HRD.
  • To strengthen the HRD movement in the country by:
    1. Drawing the attention of chief executives of different organisations, agencies and Government departments to HRD philosophy and processes and their benefits; and
    2. Assisting organisations and agencies in designing and implementing HRD systems, evaluating the impact of HRD systems and processes, and feeding back the results for improvement.
  • To break new ground for the HRD movement in terms of coverage of different human systems and organisations based on national needs as well as innovative approaches and technologies.
  • To develop and maintain standards of professional excellence in HRD.
  • To act as a clearinghouse for all referrals related to HRD activities in the country.